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People You Might Meet

There are lots of people who work in a hospital. Each one has a very special job. Here are some of the people you might meet when you come to the hospital for your surgery.


This doctor will give you the special medicine to help you go to sleep for your operation. When your operation is all over, the anesthesiologist will turn off the medicine and you will wake up.


Your doctor is going to be the one doing your surgery. He or she will take very good care of you while you are in the hospital.


During your stay in the hospital, you will meet many nurses. Some nurses work in Pre-Op Holding (the room you go to right before you go to the operating room), some work in the Operating Room (helping the doctors), some work in the Recovery Room (where you wake up after your operation), and some nurses work in the Pediatric Same Day Surgery Unit (where you will stay until you are well enough to go home). All of the nurses will take special care of you!

Pediatric Endocrinologists

Physicians trained to treat conditions related to hormones and glands such as diabetes or obesity.

Pediatric Gastroenterologists

Pediatric specialists in digestive diseases among children.

Pediatric Hospitalist

Pediatric physicians whose primary professional focus is hospital medicine.

Pediatric Intensivist

A critical care physician whose medical practice is focused entirely on the care of critically ill and injured pediatric patients.

Pediatric Wishes

A small gift can make a BIG impact all year long! By shopping our Pediatrics Wish List you can put smiles on the faces of our smallest patients.

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