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Same Day Surgery FAQs

What should I bring to the hospital?

  • Your child's history and physical
  • Slippers
  • Any comfort items that your child might want (stuffed animal/blanket/toy/pacifier)
  • Books/magazines to keep you occupied while your child sleeps
  • A sippy cup or bottle (if your child typically uses one)

Important Phone Numbers

Pediatric Same Day Surgery 240-826-6030
240-826-5866 Fax
Admitting (Pre-Registration) 240-826-6238
Pre-op Planning 240-826-6542
Hospital Main Information Line 240-826-6000
Pediatric Tours 240-826-6058

What happens when we go to the hospital for Same Day Surgery?
Upon arriving at Shady Grove, please go to the Outpatient Surgery Center. This is where your child will be admitted. After your child has been registered, you will be escorted to the Pediatric Same Day Surgery Unit. We ask that no more than two family members accompany your child to the hospital and that siblings do not attend.

Your child's nurse will greet you, take your child's vital signs, finish the admitting paper work, and get your child a gown.

When it is time to go to the Pre-Operative holding area (Pre-Op), you may accompany your child. This is where you will meet your child's pre-op nurse and Anesthesiologist. Depending on the age of your child and the type of procedure being performed, one family member may be able to accompany your child to the operating room until they have been given anesthesia and are asleep. Please note that pregnant or breastfeeding women are not allowed in the operating room.

Depending on the type of surgery that your child is having, your child may have an IV placed to give him/her fluids and medication before and during surgery. Your child's age and type of surgery will determine if the IV is placed prior to the anesthesia being given or after. Younger children are typically given an IV after anesthesia, when the child is already asleep. Please see "What should I tell my child about coming to the hospital" to help prepare your child for the IV.

When your child is out of surgery, a nurse will let you know when you may come back to the Recovery Room and see your child. One adult may be present in the Recovery Room at a time, but you may alternate if you would like. Due to the effects of anesthesia on children, your child may be extremely irritable and fussy when they initially wake up. This is not due to physical discomfort but rather from the effects of anesthesia. Once your child is awake and stabilized, they will be taken to the Pediatric Same Day Surgery Unit to finish recovering.

How long will my child be in the hospital?
Because each child is different, it is hard to determine how long your child will take to recover. Your child's nurse will begin to encourage your child to drink clear liquids (slushies, apple juice, etc.). Before your child is discharged, he/she will need to tolerate fluids. This should take 1.5 hours.

Will my child be in pain?
The amount of pain your child will experience will be dependent on the type of surgery he/she is having. Pain medication is readily available within the hospital and you will be given instructions on any medications your child will need after discharge.

What should I tell my child about coming to the hospital?
Because this is a planned surgery and the date has been scheduled, you are able to assist your child in preparing for this hospitalization. When discussing the surgery with your child, be sure to explain the reason for surgery in simple, non-threatening terms. Tell your child why the surgery is necessary. Do not use alarming words such as, "The doctor will cut you up," "open you up," or "sew you with a needle."

What should I tell my other children?
It is important to be honest with your other children regarding the surgery. You can tell them much of the same information you will tell your child who is having surgery. If you are planning to bring your child on the tour, you may bring along siblings so that they will have a better understanding of what will happen. You can also encourage your other children to be part of the process by drawing/writing cards to their brother or sister to have after the surgery.

My child is going to spend the night in the hospital following surgery. Is there anything special I need to do?
The admissions process described above is very similar to what will happen if your child spends the night. Your child will be admitted through the Pediatric Same Day Surgery unit but will recover in the Pediatric Unit.

You will however need to prepare your child for spending the night in the hospital. Because we promote family centered care, we encourage one parent/guardian to spend the night with your child. We provide sleeping chairs for your comfort and convenience. Your child may want to bring a favorite movie or toy to play with. You may want to bring a book/magazine to occupy your time while your child sleeps.

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