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Nuclear Medicine

A nuclear medicine scan at Adventist HealthCare Imaging helps radiologists see how well parts of your body function and determine where diseases may have spread.

What is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear medicine technology often reveals abnormalities earlier than other imaging tests, which mean you can get treatment sooner. During the test, you receive a radioactive tracer that makes your blood vessels, organs and other tissues show up on a special camera.

Your doctor may recommend nuclear medicine to:

  • Analyze kidney function
  • Show blood flow and heart function
  • Detect the presence or spread of cancer
  • Scan lungs for respiratory and blood-flow problems
  • Identify gallbladder blockages
  • Evaluate bones for fracture, infection, arthritis or tumor
  • Identify bleeding into the bowel
  • Locate an infection
  • Measure thyroid function

At Adventist HealthCare Imaging, we offer SPECT/CT hybrid imaging that produces the functional images of nuclear medicine with the anatomical images of A 16 slice CT scanner. Images are obtained at the same time and fused together using fusion software. Unlike PET/CT which is mostly useful for just oncology patients, nuclear medicine SPECT/CT is useful for a variety of nuclear medicine imaging to include but not limited to; Orthopedic, endocrinology, infections, pulmonary and oncology patients.

Download our SPECT/CT Patient Guide for further information on what to expect, how to prepare and what to bring the day of your SPECT/CT.

Learn more about specific types of nuclear medicine scans.

Why Adventist HealthCare?

All Adventist HealthCare Imaging locations that offer nuclear medicine scans hold accreditation in the procedure from the American College of Radiology. So you benefit from:

  • Board-certified radiologists who supervise other thoroughly trained, qualified staff
  • Strict quality-control measures
  • Top-quality technology

How to Prepare for a Nuclear Medicine Test

Download our Nuclear Medicine Patient Guide for further information about what to expect, how to prepare, and what to bring the day of your screening.

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