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Amputee Rehabilitation & Support

Improve your mobility and strength with amputation rehabilitation and support from Adventist HealthCare.

CARF-Accredited Services

Whether you lost or were born without a limb, you’ll benefit from a program that meets high standards for quality set by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) — only the third program in the U.S. to earn the honor. That means you can be confident you’ll work with a team committed to continuously improving your care, safety and patient experience.

Among Top Programs in the Nation

Take part in a program where patients see improvement every day and meet their goals at a rate that beats national averages for patient outcomes [PDF].

Comprehensive Inpatient Care

After the loss of an arm or leg, rely on your doctors for physical rehabilitation and emotional support. During our inpatient program, you’ll go through two phases of rehabilitation.

Phase One

Work with a care team trained in amputation rehabilitation. You and your team will focus on:

  • Caring for your limb and doing daily activities
  • Healing the amputation wound
  • Improving your strength, coordination and endurance
  • Increasing your mobility

Phase Two

When you’re ready — typically within a month of amputation — you’ll return to our facility for a second inpatient stay. Your care plan will include:

  • Assistive device training and management of supplies
  • Mobility exercises
  • Skills used in everyday life, such as cooking, cleaning and dressing, which you practice at our activities of daily living (ADL) apartment
  • Skin care

Customized Orthotics & Prosthetics

Work with a certified prosthetist or orthotist. Get recommendations for assistive devices that are right for you and learn how to use them. Your provider may fit you for:

  • Prosthetics, which replace a body part
  • Orthotics, braces or splints, devices that support a body part, such as a weak or paralyzed limb

After Your Hospital Stay

When you’re ready to go home, you’ll get guidance to make your home a safe, accessible place for healing. Your rehabilitation will continue on an outpatient basis, which means you’ll visit our facility and then go home afterward. Rest assured our experts provide life-long follow-up services.

Promoting Amputee Life Skills (PALS)

Connect with others, learn, share ideas and build skills during PALS, an eight-week program offered twice a year.

Family Support

You and your loved ones will benefit from more than our excellent medical care. Find friendship and encouragement through supportive services, such as:

  • Family training – Helps loved ones understand your condition and provide care at home
  • Peer visitor program – Connects you with others who know what it’s like to live without a limb
  • Support groups – Meetings for people living with limb loss, as well as their family and friends

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Call 240-864-6202 to make an appointment for therapy. Call 240-864-6007 for prosthetic or orthotic services.

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