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Brain Injury Rehabilitation

After a brain injury, the rehabilitation team at Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation will help your loved one learn how to function better through expert, quality care.

Treating Traumatic & Acquired Brain Injuries

Trust us to provide specialized care for:

  • Traumatic brain injuries – Caused by external force from a car accident, fall, sport, workplace accident or another event
  • Acquired brain injuries – Caused by internal trauma, such as a tumor, blood clot, seizure or infection

Top-Quality Rehabilitation Services

You can take confidence in our high level of care because:

  • Our patient outcomes [PDF] exceeded the national average in 2016 on nearly every measure, including improvement per day, goals met and patient satisfaction.
  • Our brain injury program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), the premier accrediting agency for rehabilitation programs.

Comprehensive Brain Injury Care

Your loved one will get intensive, well-rounded therapy for physical, emotional, behavioral, spiritual and cognitive issues in a structured, quiet environment that helps him or her focus on treatment. In our activities of daily living (ADL) apartment, he or she will regain skills used in everyday activities, such as cooking, cleaning and dressing.

Interdisciplinary Team

Entrust your loved one’s care to Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation’s multidisciplinary team, which includes:

  • A board-certified doctor who completed a fellowship in traumatic brain injuries
  • Certified brain injury specialists thoroughly trained in the most effective treatments and health management strategies
  • Certified rehabilitation registered nurses skilled in caring for people with brain injuries

The treatment team regularly meets in “behavior huddles” to monitor your loved one’s actions and adjust the rehabilitation plan as needed, so he or she gets timely, personalized care.

Support for Patients & Loved Ones

At Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation, you’ll find help understanding and coping with your loved one’s condition. Ask about our comprehensive family training, Brain Injury Support Group and Brain Injury Handbook for patients, relatives and caregivers.

Your loved one will find encouragement and camaraderie through our peer visitor program, which connect people who’ve experienced similar injuries.

Continuum of Care

When your loved one is ready for discharge, we’ll help him or her transition smoothly to outpatient neurological rehabilitation. You’ll get guidance making your home a safe, accessible place for recovery.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation

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