Your Care Team

Learn about the members of your Adventist HealthCare rehabilitation team.

PM&R Specialists

A physiatrist will lead your care team. A physiatrist is a medical doctor with advanced training in physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R). This means your doctor is an expert in nerve, muscle and bone health.

Count on your physiatrist to:

  • Diagnose, prevent and treat symptoms, including pain
  • Help you restore function lost through injury, illness or a disabling condition
  • Make sure your plan is working and your progressing toward your goals

Dedicated Case Manager

Throughout your care, you’ll work one-on-one with a case manager. Your case manager will meet with you to talk about:

  • Your insurance coverage
  • Medical equipment
  • Discharge planning, or what happens when you leave the hospital and go home
  • Recommendations for continued therapy, such as outpatient rehabilitation or home health care
  • Follow-up services and community resources

Interdisciplinary Team

You’ll be the focus of professionals with advanced training in a wide range of specialties. Your rehabilitation team may include:

  • Neuropsychologists – Offer emotional and psychological support and, if needed, crisis intervention
  • Occupational therapists (OTs) – Help you become more independent and do daily living activities, such as eating, dressing and bathing
  • Physical therapists (PTs) – Provide therapy to increase your strength, balance and coordination so you can walk and move more comfortably and safely
  • Recreation therapists – Work toward returning you to hobbies and community activities you enjoy
  • Rehabilitation nurses, including registered nurses (RNs) and certified nursing assistants – Provide care and education for your medications, safety, pain management and other needs
  • Social workers – Plan and advocate for your care, help you write advance directives if needed, connect you with resources, recommend and lead support groups and give education and family training to help you and your loved ones after you leave the hospital
  • Speech and language pathologists (SLPs) – Diagnose and treat problems that affect your ability to communicate, swallow or think
  • Spiritual care providers – Give emotional support to people of all faiths to foster wholeness and healing

Rely on your team to communicate with your primary care provider and any of your other Adventist HealthCare providers, including pharmacists, registered dietitians, respiratory therapists and wound care specialists.

Weekly Meetings

Your team meets weekly to discuss your progress. Then, your case manager gives you an update and adjusts your treatment plan as needed.

Your Role

Get the most out of your care by taking an active role as a member of your team. Share information about yourself, ask questions and voice any concerns.

Your Support System

Your case manager may ask if you have friends or family members who can help you continue your progress after you leave the hospital. They’ll be invited to come to therapy sessions. Depend on Adventist HealthCare for family training so your loved ones can learn to provide care.

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