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During Your Stay

Learn what to expect during your inpatient rehabilitation stay at an Adventist HealthCare hospital. Expect productive days of therapy in a supportive environment so you can quickly and safely improve your skills.

Your First Few Days

Get comfortable with your surroundings during a tour of where your therapy sessions will take place. You’ll meet members of your care team who will check your current skill level. Trust your therapists to get to know you, answer questions and help you create a treatment plan that works for you.

Staying at the Hospital

While you get care at Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation, your care team will provide information about hospital policies, including:

  • Patient safety
  • Fall prevention
  • Rules for using the inpatient gym

Keep Your Things Safe

To prevent lost items, avoid keeping valuables in your hospital room. Keep no more than $5 with you unless you’re going on a community outing. Adventist HealthCare isn’t responsible for lost or stolen items.

Therapy Sessions

You’ll receive your therapy schedule each morning at breakfast. Your doctors may recommend taking pain medication before therapy so you can feel your best. Your therapy team will help you decide the safest way to get to therapy, either by wheelchair or walking.

Most patients have morning and afternoon therapy sessions. Your sessions will take place between 7 a.m. and 4:30 pm., seven days a week. Expect sessions to last 30 to 90 minutes.

Onsite Hemodialysis

Patients with kidney disease may receive onsite Hemodialysis in both our Takoma Park and Rockville locations. Patient benefits include:

  • Coordinated care in one setting avoids unnecessary travel for those patients who are already frail
  • Uninterrupted rehabilitation therapy that patients entrust us to receive
  • Better quality of care
  • Faster recovery
  • Improved outcomes

Home Leave

Get ready for what it’ll be like when you leave the hospital. With your doctor’s approval and depending on your insurance coverage, you may receive a therapeutic leave pass to visit home for up to six hours a week. Your care team may recommend you go home on the weekend so it doesn’t interfere with therapy sessions during the week.

Loved ones can visit you at the hospital during visiting hours.

Family Training

Family members or friends who provide care at home will need to visit the hospital one or more days during your stay. Your case manager or another member of your care team will work with you and your loved ones to schedule training.

Count on our staff to help your support people learn to safely care for your needs when you go home. They will get education and training on:

  • Your medical issues and special needs
  • How to help you with daily living activities
  • Managing your medication
  • Improving or maintaining your mobility

Home Assessment

You and your family may complete a home assessment. This means you’ll provide information about your living space to your occupational therapist. Then, your therapist will give recommendations to make your home more accessible.

How Long Will I Stay?

Ask your care team how long your inpatient rehabilitation will last. Most patients stay for 12 days. Your stay depends on your condition and how well you progress in therapy.

Leaving the Hospital

You’ll meet with your care team to create a discharge plan. This plan helps you continue to make progress after you leave the hospital and go home.

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