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Leaving the Hospital

Rely on the professionals at Adventist HealthCare to help you prepare to leave the hospital after inpatient rehabilitation and reach your goals at home.

Preparing for Discharge

During your stay, your providers meet with you and your family to:

  • Create a home exercise plan
  • Help you understand your treatment and/or discharge plan
  • Make recommendations and arrangements for follow-up care, such as outpatient therapy and/or home health care
  • Offer guidance to make your home a safe, accessible place
  • Recommend services, such as support groups and community resources

Day of Discharge

You’ll receive a folder with written instructions about:

  • Medication and diet
  • Taking care of yourself at home
  • Upcoming appointments

What Time Will I Leave?

Rely on our team to make your discharge process as easy as possible so that you can leave between 10 a.m. and noon.

Follow-Up Care

Your doctor may recommend you continue therapy on an outpatient basis. This means you’ll visit a rehabilitation center for therapy, then go home. Count on our staff to help you choose the right center for you.

Request an Appointment

Ask your primary care doctor for a referral for outpatient rehabilitation. Then, call 240-864-6202 to schedule your appointment.

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