Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

Return to active living after a hip or knee replacement thanks to joint rehabilitation at Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation.

Therapy Services

Count on your care team to explain what to expect after orthopedic surgery. Move more easily with services including:

  • Exercises to increase flexibility, strength and endurance
  • Gait training to improve your ability to walk
  • Joint mobilization to lessen scarring
  • Massage and therapeutic ultrasound to treat stiffness and swelling
  • Pain management
  • Physical therapy group sessions with other people who recently had joint replacement surgery
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Transfer training to help you move from one spot to another
  • Wound care for the surgical site

How Long Will My Recovery Take?

Your recovery time depends on your procedure, age, fitness, motivation and other factors. Ask your care team how long you’ll need rehabilitation therapy.

After knee replacement, most people need two or three sessions of outpatient therapy each week for six to eight weeks. Following hip replacement, you may need home therapy for two or three weeks, then two or three weekly sessions of outpatient therapy for three to four weeks.

Set Your Location

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