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Concussion Program

Concussion Signs & Symptoms

Seek medical attention if you experience concussion symptoms, such as:

  • Headache
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness or balance problems
  • Blurred vision
  • Trouble thinking, remembering or concentrating
  • Feeling unusually emotional
  • Sleeping more or less than usual

Following a head injury, the comprehensive concussion program at Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation can provide specialized rehabilitation for you or a loved one. You’ll learn how to prevent and recognize concussions, and you’ll gain access to expert treatment that can improve long-term health.

Concussion Clinics

If you or a loved one experience a head injury and are at least 14 years old, your doctor may refer you to our concussion clinic. A physician referral may or may not be required, depending on your insurance. The concussion clinic is available at our Rockville location. At the concussion clinic, you’ll get an evaluation and treatment recommendations from our multidisciplinary team, which includes a physiatrist (rehabilitation doctor), neuropsychologist and physical therapist.

To schedule an appointment at the concussion clinic, please call our concussion line at 240-864-6007.

Physical Therapy for Concussion Recovery

Depending on your diagnosis, you may get a referral to physical therapy. During treatment, you’ll work with a therapist who specializes in concussion care and is a certified athletic trainer. Your therapy sessions may include:

  • Vestibular rehabilitation to relieve dizziness
  • Balance retraining using NeuroCom® technology
  • Manual therapy for neck pain
  • Gentle exercise to improve blood flow to the brain
  • Hand-eye coordination testing and training using Dynavision® technology
  • Sport-specific training to help you compete safely
  • Education for you and your family on preventing, recognizing and responding to concussion symptoms

Your therapist or doctor will let you know when it’s safe to return to athletics, school or work.

Working With High Schools

Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation’s concussion program works with athletic trainers, coaches and parents at Montgomery County public high schools to help protect student-athletes from concussions.

Baseline Cognitive Testing

If your child plays sports at a public high school in Montgomery County, he or she may get baseline cognitive testing from Adventist HealthCare. The pre-season exam measures an athlete’s thinking skills, including his or her ability to solve problems, learn and memorize information, and concentrate. If an athlete experiences head trauma, he or she will take the exam again. Medical professionals will compare the results to determine the injury’s severity and measure the student’s progress during treatment.

Get Your Child Tested

Adventist HealthCare offers concussion baseline testing in these schools during the 2015–16 academic year:

  • Albert Einstein
  • Clarksburg
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Northwest
  • Paint Branch
  • Poolesville
  • Richard Montgomery
  • Rockville
  • Springbrook
  • Thomas S. Wootton
  • Watkins Mill
  • Wheaton
  • Winston Churchill

Contact the athletic director at your child’s school to schedule a baseline exam. Allow an hour for the process, which includes a 30- to 45-minute computerized test.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment at the concussion clinic, please call our concussion line at 240-864-6007.

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