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Seating & Mobility Clinic

Move around more easily, safely and comfortably with help from the Seating and Mobility Clinic at Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation. You benefit from the expertise of a certified assistive technology professional, a physical therapist skilled in helping people choose and use adaptive devices.

Who We Serve

Take advantage of our Seating and Mobility Clinic if you are at least 18 and experience:

  • Difficulty walking due to weakness, balance issues, an injury or illness
  • Trouble using your current wheelchair
  • Discomfort while using your current wheelchair
  • Pressure ulcers due to poor wheelchair cushioning or positioning

Customized Wheelchairs & Seating

At the Seating and Mobility Clinic, you’ll get a personalized recommendation for mobility equipment that helps you function as independently as possible at home, at work and in the community.

We’ll begin by assessing your posture, strength, range of motion and skin health. Technology called pressure mapping will help you find the wheelchair cushion that most evenly distributes pressure on your body when you sit. That helps you avoid pressure sores and stay comfortable throughout the day.

Benefits of Personalized Mobility Devices

The right adaptive equipment will help you:

  • Maintain good posture, which improves your breathing and heart function
  • More fully use your arms
  • Support your head and neck
  • Feel more comfortable
  • Stay safe

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

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