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Spiritual Care

At Adventist HealthCare we offer spiritual care and emotional support to patients of all faiths. All of our chaplains are trained and board certified under the auspices of The Association For Clinical Pastoral Education and College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy to address the diverse needs of our community, and help those who visit and stay at our facilities.

Spiritual Care Services


Chaplains are available to minister a variety of ceremonies and services, including:

  • Baby dedications/blessings
  • Funeral services
  • Memorial services
  • Weddings
  • Interfaith Sunday service

End of Life Care

We believe in supporting family and friends of terminally ill patients through end of life care. During this particularly difficult time chaplains are available to help in several ways, including:

  • Comfort care for terminally ill patients and families
  • Ethical decisions
  • Spiritual and cultural education
  • Dealing with spiritual and emotional issues
  • No one dies alone

Support Groups

Adventist HealthCare offers a number of different support groups for patients, former patients, family members and caregivers. Join a support group and find strength in numbers.


When To Call A Chaplain

  • When you want to pray with someone
  • When you need someone to listen
  • When you need to talk with someone
  • When you have ethical concerns
  • When you, a patient, or a family member has spiritual concerns
  • When discouragement, depression, or anxiety threatens you or your loved one's treatment

How To Call A Chaplain

Chaplains are available 24/7. You can reach a chaplain by calling the following numbers:

  • Dialing '0' from any hospital phone
  • Prayer Line: 240-826-5433
  • Shady Grove Medical Center: 240-826-6112
  • White Oak Medical Center: 240-637-5265

Clinical Pastoral Education

Our Clinical Pastoral Education program is an interfaith, graduate level, professional education program where religious workers of all faiths learn to deliver superior spiritual care under pastoral supervision.

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