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Clinical Pastoral Education/Training

Our Clinical Pastoral Education/Training (CPE/T) program offers interfaith, graduate-level education in health ministry. Much like a medical student’s residency, the program provides the chance to learn while doing the work of a hospital chaplain. Clinical pastoral education offers learning and growth to:

  • Students of theology, psychology or similar disciplines
  • Pastors looking to expand their knowledge of health ministry within institutions
  • Lay ministers looking for religious growth
  • Chaplains working on board certification
  • Anyone intrigued by the role of faith in healing and looking for interpersonal growth.

Adventist HealthCare’s CPE/T program is accredited by the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP), a member of the Coalition on Ministry in Specialized Settings.

Program Elements

Clinical Pastoral Education students will have the opportunity to:

  • Visit patients and their families
  • Develop spiritual assessment skills
  • Respond to crises
  • Meet with healthcare workers in many disciplines
  • Connect patients to their spiritual communities
  • Assist with sacred rituals such as anointing, baptism, or memorial services for the deceased
  • Participate in weeks of spiritual emphasis twice a year
  • Participate in Blessing of the Hands for nurses
  • Support caregivers and healthcare team members

Program Formats

Adventist HealthCare offers Clinical Pastoral Education in two formats:

  • Intensive CPE internships run in 12- to 14-week units that are offered three times a year. The units begin in September, January and June.
  • Full-Year CPE residency is a three-unit program from September to August. This program pays a stipend.

Each 12- to 14-week unit of the CPE program requires 400 hours to complete: 100 hours of group work and 300 hours of encounters with patients, their families and staff.


The tuition cost is $650 per unit, plus a materials fee of $50 (subject to change).

How to Apply

  1. Download and complete our CPE/T Application Form
  2. Email completed applications and all required essays and evaluations to

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