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Faith Community Nursing & Health Ministry

Faith Community Nursing & Health Ministry

Established in 1995, the Faith Community Nursing & Health Ministry Program at Adventist HealthCare partners with congregations of all faiths and other community organizations to provide a ministry of health and wellness to their members.

Founded on the principle that health and healing comes from a wholeness of mind, body and spirit, the Program promotes healthy living, prevention practices, and the reduction of the many risk factors that impair general health and wellbeing.

Program Goals

The overall goal of our Faith Community Nursing & Health Ministry Program is to make a difference in participating members’ lives through health education, prevention of illness, risk factor management through lifestyle principles, and support during difficult situations—while always keeping a spiritual component in the forefront.

Benefits to Your Congregation

By participating in our Faith Community Nursing & Health Ministry Program, your congregation will benefit from:

  • Individualized assessment, evaluation, and consultation of each faith community
  • Collaboration with faith community nurses and health ministers from other congregations in our network
  • Assistance with creating individualized strategic health plans for your congregation
  • Access to resources for reporting overall program effectiveness to church administration
  • Opportunities to attend symposiums and learning events
  • Opportunities for professional and personal growth
  • Training and support

Faith Community Nurse vs Health Minister

Although the roles of a Faith Community Nurse and Health Minister differ, the two can work successfully side-by-side, synergistically within the congregational Health Ministry.

What is Faith Community Nursing?

Faith Community Nursing, also known as Parrish Nursing or Congregational Nursing, is a specialty nursing practice recognized by the American Nurses Association which combines the art and science of professional nursing with spiritual ministry.

Practicing within the walls of faith communities and attending to the needs of each individual congregation, Faith Community Nurses serve as a vital link between the faith and medical communities. Working with pastors, church staff and health ministry committees, Faith Community Nurses integrate faith and health into the congregation and utilize partnerships with local community health resources.

What is a Health Minister?

Health Ministers are individuals who, in cooperation with the Health Ministry Team, serve as a ready resource to their congregation through their sense of caring, love and compassion for others to help alleviate suffering and bring hope for healing through the spiritual connection. Ministers feel a calling to health ministry within our congregations and possess various gifts, talents or have often had life experiences to the benefit members of their congregation.

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To learn more about how your organization can benefit from partnering with us, please contact:

Kathleen Coleman, BSN, RN, MPH
Program Manager

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