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Bariatric Nutrition

Nutrition is an important component of bariatric surgery. There are several diet and lifestyle changes a person must make to enjoy all of the success a weight loss procedure can bring.

Our program has a registered dietitian on staff that specializes in bariatric nutrition. The dietitian will teach you in one-on-one education sessions the dietary recommendations that come with your procedure. You will be given extensive education regarding your diet composition, vitamin and mineral requirements, and how to make the procedure and its nutritional requirements fit your lifestyle.

It is important to begin to incorporate many of these changes prior to surgery to help you adjust to your new lifestyle. Small changes can result in a big change in your waistline!

  • Substitute one meal with a high protein low carbohydrate protein shake.
  • Decrease your portion sizes, meat portions should be 3 ounces
  • Practice chewing your food slowly (30 times) and waiting a few minutes between bites. This allows food to digest and allow you to feel full
  • Concentrate on drinking fluids throughout the day. Set a fluid goal of 64 ounces per day. Hydration is essential!
  • Focus on getting a daily intake of:
    • 70 grams of protein
    • 30-50 grams of carbohydrate
    • 30-40 grams of fat

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For additional information about our bariatric surgery program, please contact:

Yulia Eskin, MSN, CRNP-A
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