Before Surgery

Rely on your Adventist HealthCare team to help you prepare for a successful surgery.

How to Prepare for Surgery

The way you get ready for your surgery depends on the type of procedure. Your providers will answer your questions and explain what to expect before, during and after surgery.

Talk to your doctor about:

  • If you need to start or stop taking certain medications
  • If you need to make changes to your diet in the days or hours before surgery
  • What type of anesthesia you’ll have
  • When to arrive at the health care facility for surgery and what you should bring
  • If you’ll stay overnight at the hospital
  • How to get your home ready for your recovery

Smoking makes it hard for your body to heal. Stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke.

Calm Nerves Before Surgery

Get enough rest before your procedure. If you feel anxious:

  • Talk to a friend, family member or your doctor.
  • Try relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing exercises, yoga or meditation.
  • Write in a journal.

Your doctor may suggest medications that can help you feel more comfortable.

Surgery Preregistration

The preregistration process for your surgery depends on if it’s a planned procedure and where it will take place. You may have your procedure at:

Fill out your information at least a week before your scheduled surgery date.

During Surgery

When you arrive in the operating room (OR), you may see bright lights and many types of medical tools. You will move to the operating table where your care team will closely monitor you throughout the procedure. Your family will get regular updates about the progress of your surgery from our nurses.

Types of Anesthesia

Anesthesia is medication that can block pain. You may receive:

  • Local anesthesia – Numbs a small part of the body while you stay awake
  • Regional anesthesia – Numbs a larger part of the body so you relax or sleep
  • General anesthesia – Affects your whole body and makes you lose consciousness so you don’t feel or remember the procedure

Talk to your care team about anesthesia, potential side effects and which type is right for you.

After Surgery

Look forward to exceptional care and support in the minutes, days and weeks after your procedure.

Find a Surgeon

Call 800-642-0101 or search our provider directory to find a surgeon.

Find a Surgeon

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