Weight Management

Weight Management

A comprehensive, compassionate, and tailored approach to healthcare.

Adventist HealthCare is a partner to CoreLife Healthcare, bringing our patients comprehensive care for obesity, weight management, and related health conditions.

What is CoreLife?

CoreLife is a nationally recognized weight management healthcare program, with registered dieticians, nurse practitioners, exercise specialists, and behavioral health counselors working together to help every patient lose weight, manage chronic conditions, and live healthier lifestyles.

Program Overview

When you join CoreLife, you will have a team of clinical professionals who will develop a personalized weight management plan for you. The plan will adapt as you make progress, and you will meet with your care team frequently - as often as once a week - to stay on track, overcome challenges, and make adjustments to ensure your success.

  • Medical – Your overall care plan will be coordinated by a Nurse Practitioner, who will manage your health conditions, medications, and develop a treatment plan. You will meet with your NP at every visit.
  • Nutrition – Your nutritional plan will be developed by a Registered Dietician, who will meet with you at every visit to help you build a positive relationship with food that supports your health goals. With our guidance, you will learn to navigate challenges, plan healthy meals and build habits for long lasting change.
  • Exercise – Movement is a critical part of overall wellness, and our certified medical exercise specialists will develop a plan for you to improve your overall functional fitness and create a healthy relationship with activity. Our on-site gym provides a private and convenient area for you to exercise with your trainer and others who share the same goals.
  • Behavioral Health – Your thoughts, emotions and behaviors can impact your overall wellness. A Licensed Behavioral Health Therapist can work with you to create an individualized care plan to help address any underlying issues which may have impacted your health journey.

Your Care Team

Every CoreLife clinic is staffed with the following professionals:

  • Nurse Practitioner – the first person you meet with when you start the program and a vital part of your care team
  • Registered Dietitian – works to tailor a nutrition program that is right for you and a vital part of your care team
  • Exercise Specialist – works with you in the facility to exercise in a private, caring and goal-focused environment
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker* - provides behavioral health counseling to patients who need support in managing issues that are impacting overall health and wellness. *LCSW’s are not currently staffed at every clinic but are available to patients who need this resource.

Additionally, CoreLife clinics are supported with medical oversight from:

  • Dr. Brian Baker, MD, MBA, FACEP, Chief Medical Officer, CoreLife
  • Dr. Anvi Jain, MD, Medical Director, CoreLife Adventist HealthCare

Paying for CoreLife

CoreLife’s goal is to have your health goals be affordable and achievable. CoreLife is covered by most insurances, including Medicaid and Medicare. Verify the program is covered by your insurance by contacting CoreLife at 800-905-3261.

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Call CoreLife at 800-905-3261 or email info@corelifemd.com to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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