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Wound Care Treatments

Coping with chronic, non-healing wounds can be both frustrating and time-consuming, but expert care is available to help improve healing and your quality of life. Our staff is highly trained in the specialized, comprehensive care of problem wounds, using the most up-to-date approaches in the science of wound care.

Wound Care Treatments Tailored to Your Needs

Because every patient's wound is unique, you will have a thorough diagnostic exam to identify the type of wound you have and its underlying causes. A program specifically tailored to your needs will be started based on the most effective approach, which may include:

  • Vascular Evaluation
  • Debridement
  • Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Laboratory Evaluation
  • Infectious Disease Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Nutritional Management
  • Pain Management
  • Diabetic Education
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiology

Your Physician is Part of Our Wound Care Team

The treatment you receive is designed to complement the care your own physician provides, ensuring that your health care team is always working together to provide the treatment that's right for you. Your physician participates in developing your treatment plan and is kept informed of your progress every step of the way.

Your Wound Care team includes physicians with advanced wound care training, nurses trained in the care of chronic wounds, and experienced technicians and staff.

Our staff will set up regular appointments for your visits to the Wound Care Center and give you all the information you need to take care of your wound at home between visits. Keeping appointments and following wound care instructions are essential to healing your wound.

Your First Visit

When you come in, our staff will evaluate your wound and general health. They'll also review your medical history. A blood test may be involved. You may also need special tests that give us information about blood flow and oxygen flow in the wound area.

Your Treatment Program

When your test results are in, we'll put together a treatment program based on your special needs. This program will include regular visits to the Wound Care Center to provide treatment, evaluate progress and make any changes that might be needed. You (or your care-giver) will be given detailed instructions in home care, dressing (bandage) changes and protecting the wound from further injury.

Have Wounds That Won't Heal?

Request a phone consultation to learn more about our specialized treatment for chronic or non-healing wounds.

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