Wound Care Centers

Trust your health to the experts at Adventist HealthCare's Centers for Advanced Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine. Receive specialized, advanced treatments at two locations close to your home in Maryland.

Healing Centers Near You

Find help and support when you visit the wound care centers at:

Top Wound Care Hospitals

Feel confident you're getting the best care possible in the D.C. region. Our wound care programs are the only ones in the area to hold Center of Distinction recognition from Healogics, Inc. That's because we track and meet goals for wound healing and patient satisfaction.

Wound Specialists

Get support from a skilled team led by a case manager who guides you through every step of your care. Your care team may also include:

  • Board-certified wound doctors and surgeons
  • Registered nurses with advanced certifications and training in wound and ostomy care
  • Patient care technician (PCT)

Advanced Technology & Treatments

Access the latest and most effective wound care treatments, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), as part of your personalized care plan.

Ostomy Care

Expect high-quality care at Shady Grove Medical Center, Montgomery County's only source for outpatient ostomy care. Access services such as:

  • Stoma siting, or choosing the best place on the body for the stoma (an opening made in the body during surgery)
  • Checking and treating skin problems or pain
  • Recommendations to reduce leaks
  • Help with hernia support aids, such as a belt or truss

Rely on our trained, certified ostomy nurses to work with you and other members of your care team, including your gastroenterologist (GI doctor) or urology surgeon.

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Have wounds that won't heal? Request a phone consultation to learn more about our specialized treatment for chronic or non-healing wounds.

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